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Streaming video services have been on an all-time high since the Covid-19 pandemic started in 2020. There was a stark increase in the number of Netflix subscribers, Amazon Prime, Hulu, Youtube Red, HBO Max, Disney+ Hotstar, Voot etc. People have even cut their cable and instead use services like Hulu Plus, Youtube TV, Sting TV, etc. for news and regular TV subscriptions. They are cheaper and have a wide range of channels to choose from. Almost all the streaming video services offer free trial periods, during which time people can decide whether or not they should continue with the streaming service.

● Apple iPad Air IV Gen: The iPad Air is the best tablet that you can buy this year because it offers the same power of an iPad Air Pro at a much lower price point. This makes it the best buy with respect to a tablet this year.
● Amazon Fire HD 10: The Amazon Fire HD 10 is, without a doubt, the most popular tablet out there running Windows OS. This makes it the chief competition for Apple’s iPad. This is arguably the best tablet you can get below 200 dollars.
● Apple iPad 2019: It may be an older model, but do not underestimate its potential. It can still serve as a laptop replacement for light users.

Home automation can be described as a system of connected, controllable devices which work together to make a house more comfortable, efficient, secure, and customized. You communicate with your automated home with the help of remote control or smart device. Houses which have a high degree of automation often have all their automated devices made accessible from one device, making it extremely easy to control the smart equipment in the house with the touch of a button. The controls’ range which you have over your automated devices range depending on the purpose of the device. Some controls allow you to switch a device on or off at specific time intervals, while some other devices may be triggered by certain external events.

● Ego Power Plus Lawn Mower: Lawn-mowers are known for their noisy motors, loads of petrol use and high maintenance. However, those contraptions are being replaced really fast by electric lawn-mowers. The Ego Power Plus Lawn Mower’s electric motor is powerful while at the same time being silent, hence saving fuel, your ears and your time.
● Eve Aqua: The Eve Aqua is an automatic water sprinkler system that can help water the plants at precisely the same time every day. All you need to do is connect the hose to a spigot, connect it to the app and set the time.

The cars that we use today are far more advanced than the cars made a decade ago and can do much more than driving from point A to point B. The technological advancements have offered us several smart functions and features to add driving comfort and safety to the cars. Today’s cars are connected to the internet, providing non-stop information through GPS, self-drive features, and entertainment features. The car manufacturers are staying competitive in introducing new features to their customers. Here are some smart tech features that we need to look out for in the coming years.

Enhanced gesture control

Enhanced gesture control is an existing technology, but it is yet to make a fully functional impact in car manufacturing. Gesture control can provide unprecedented ease in accessing car functions. Audi has introduced MMI touch to enhance their already existing Audi Multi Media Interface system. The new MMI allows users to write letters on the touchpad to allow access to different features. However, gesture control is still being explored to provide the best user experience.

Augmented reality

AR can be one of the best technologies to provide directions to drivers while also helping in auto-drive function. We will be able to see the display feature on the windscreen soon enough to inform and assist the driver while driving. The driver will be able to perform several other functions like changing the songs, calling a person, and turning on the GPS using the windscreen display. This feature will help us keep our eyes on the road while providing us all the necessary information.

Apps and firmware

The future cars will run on their own operating systems and will be able to perform functions like a smartphone. You will install restaurant and travel applications that will guide you to the destinations and help in ordering your food. Cars can become a smart device to carry all your shopping and travel needs. Toyota already has a concept car, Fun Vii Concept Car, that can perform tasks such as locating and ordering from different outlets around the city.



The future cars and other vehicles will be able to communicate with each other even at long distances to prevent any collisions in blind turns. Smart cars will be able to inform you or automatically slow down when there is a car coming from the other side that you cannot see due to barriers. It will help in increasing road safety, efficiency, and driving experience for the users. This technology can also help self-driving cars in managing themselves in traffic.

Smart fuel saving

While the new Evs are becoming popular among customers, the petrol heads cannot imagine a future without cars that run on petrol. That is why they need more sustainable advice from their own cars to maintain pollution limits and enjoy their experience. The smart fuel-saving feature will help drivers in making the right decisions in making their car fuel-efficient. They can alert the driver about the next fuel station and help them maintain fuel efficiency to keep the fuel until they reach the destination.